The days are long

but the years are swift.

Let's get started

I am New York born and Miami-raised, but have called San Diego home for the last 20 years. So, yes, I grew up with sand between my toes and a love for all things beach. I'm a proud mom to my young adult son and daughter, plus my furry boy who is a Labrador Retriever. I'm a widow who has found new love with my Ironman racing fiancé and we are building a wonderful life together. Family, strong friendships, honesty, warm golden light, laughter and doing the right thing are turn ons for me. Succulent gardening, avocado, red wine, dark chocolate and music are right up there, too!

Your life is a story worth telling. You won't always be able to carry your children and their hands won't fit into yours that way for very long. Soon enough your young son will grow too big to brush the hair from his eyes or your teen daughter will be off to college. These precious and fleeting details are meant to be captured so you can reminisce on this chapter. Nothing gives me greater joy than photographing love and connection, laughter and snuggles. Your family will not just have beautiful photos for your home, but also a wonderful memory of your time together creating the images.

Documenting life and storytelling has always resonated with me. My grandmother gifted me a camera when I was five and I quickly began capturing images of our family outings to the park, local attractions or day-to-day events. I love details and how they help tell a story. So, rather than just photographing people's smiling faces, I shoot with intention to capture the love they are living: the silliness between siblings, the way a mom tucks stray hair behind her daughter's ear; important details which tell the unique, connective story between people.

Photography became more meaningful when my children were born. I documented moments both large and small. First smiles, first steps, the first days of school are all there, but so are muddy playtimes, snacks with pals in a homemade fort and giggle-filled sibling whispers.

In Fall 2003, we hired a local photographer to take our first family portraits. These images were intended to not just document our family, but also serve as artwork for our home. Soon after, my husband began to not feel well and two months later he received a devastating cancer diagnosis. The next four and one-half years were peppered with surgery, treatment, and hospitalizations. But they were also filled with birthdays, little league, soccer, swim meets, playdates, family game nights, bubble baths, dress up, school plays, etc. The reality of how fleeting life is hit me hard but I was determined to document all the sweet moments in between the difficult times. My family sat for another portrait session in Fall 2007, but this time, our eight-month-old puppy joined us. Those images, along with the original portraits, gave me more perspective, and solace to my children after their dad died. As my children grew into young adults and my fiancé joined the mix, I continued to document our family’s milestones along with our ordinary, yet beautiful life moments.

life is fleeting.

My WhY:

Family is where life begins

and love never ends.